Friday, May 18, 2012


Yesterday, I was reading a message board for DC moms and one of the posts said something to the effect of:

BTDT moms- what do you do when your toddler [insert something I care not to share here]. FT moms, take note for when your angel does this.

Hunh? BTDT? FT? I get LOL, but... this 31 year old gal had to google BTDT. And before you go doing the same thing, allow me to save you the key strokes for the acronym of Been There Done That.

Immediately, I thought about Lewis Grizzard and his awesome column in the Atlanta J-C about personal ads in the classified section (long before and Since we aren't paying by the word on the WWW, is it too difficult to spell out the been there and the done that?

I ask this question from a mighty high horse because, I too have succumbed to the ease of the acronym. Or the EA as I shall refer to it now.

Allow me to give you a lesson in the acronyms often found in LOC (not Library of Congress, rather Life Of Cagle)

Most often used is LMC... that's Little Miss Cagle. She's pretty adorable and will turn 3 at the end of this month...

PETF: Patricia Eileen the First (that's my mom)
YFBF: Ye Few But Faithful (those dedicated twenty something who subscribe to LOC and who I adore immensely)
FOAF: Fit of All Fits... we talk about these a great deal when LMC has a melt down of all melt downs. They are the stuff legends are made out of.
HIMs: How I Met anyone
SNB: I don't talk about this one too much anymore, but when LMC would shuck her clothes and lay out in a FOAF, she was a Screaming Naked Baby
GF: Gluten Free
SIL: Sister In Law-- I have several, five to be precise. Usually an SIL conversation is about Brother's wife. Unless I am referencing my SoWeGa SILs, than I will reference the Farm.
SoWeGa: South West Georgia-- where Husband calls home
MIL: Mother In Law
FIL: Father In Law
DILOTY: That would be me... Daughter In Law Of The Year
PPCs: Pansy Planting Chronicles

If I think of any others that I use... I'll update the list, but until then- this is a good key to start with.

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