Sunday, May 13, 2012

How far we have come

This is my fourth Mother's Day. I know LMC is not quite 3, but four years ago there was a baby shower to celebrate the coming of our sweet pink bundle of joy.

That morning, I hosted a diabetic friendly brunch for my parents, Martha's parents, my parents, grandfather, and Brother's family. We busted out the fine china (that I still miss) and used a very large piece of plywood from Husband's boat building stock on two saw horses. The [elegant?] under-table was covered [hidden] with a dark coral- almost orange- pressed hemstitched linen tablecloth that was something ridiculous, like 144 inches long. My dining room could not handle the amount of people we were serving.

The fine china, the silver, the crystal, the fancy serving pieces, an extra table outside for bloody marys and sweet tea... I pulled out all the stops for my first Mother's Day brunch, and I still didn't even have a child on the ground yet. We feasted outside in the beautiful 72 degree day, without a cloud in the blue sky day. Fresh flowers and great music with gerbera daisies growing amongst tea olives in our old back yard day. I could not imagine a better way to spend a Sunday.

After celebrating the coming of LMC at Ms. Mobile's home, we would be ever clueless that she would be joining us in less than three weeks.

Mother's Day part II escapes my memory... my apologies.

Last Mother's Day we had an elegant brunch at Tunnicliff's, wandered around Eastern Market-- my favorite pastime-- and napped when LMC napped.... remember naps? Those were the days. Husband had the Sunday off, and it was just the three of us. Our perfect little family of three enjoying our new neighborhood and each other. Oh, how I still remember my eggs benedict on a crab cake instead of an english muffin. Not to be missed.

Which brings me to Mother's Day part IV...

Husband was on call Friday, post call Saturday and back on call today. yeah.... This morning, I awoke as I usually do- alone- to the still of the apartment. Stretching my arms and thinking about my day, I found the remote to the television... and two cards on my bedside table. One from Husband and one from LMC.

The one from LMC had a $20 stuck inside with a note that said, "LMC is treating you to Tunnicliff's and Chesapeake Eggs Benedict this morning. Wish I could be there to celebrate you and all you do for us. I love you -Husband" (yes, he signed it Husband. He always does.)

I get dressed. I get LMC dressed. I get hungry. I get the keys. I get to negotiate with the 3 year old about the mode of transportation to Tunnicliff's. I get to decide where we feast as it is my day after all.

We abort the plan to head for a fancy brunch just the Cagle girls. Instead, we stroll to McDonald's at Union Station and I get a cheese biscuit and diet coke. LMC gets an order of pancakes and sausage. It was $7.23.

Less than what it would have cost for just my entree at Tunnicliff's.
Twice as Fast.
Twice as Easy.
Much, much closer.

And all I wanted.

We've come a long way from Mottahedeh Tobacco Leaf and sterling forks for Mother's Day. Maybe next year. Probably the year after.


Jess said...

Happy mothers day! And I'm jealous. I love egg and cheese biscuits.

Also, I cannot BELIEVE you did all that while you were pregnant. All supports my notion that you are a hostess extraordinaire.

Wanting What I Have said...

Sounds like a lovely Mother's Day! :)

Sarah and Jonathan said...

:) Hope you and Eileen are hanging in there! I empathize...Jonathan has been absentee due to wards and is leaving for a week board review to Cleveland in several days. "Single mom" is NO FUN! Guess we knew what we were getting into with husbands who wanted to live part time in the ICU (and we are proud of them) but WHEW!