Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I love cookbooks and read them as some read novels or peruse magazines. My cousin constantly laughs at me and wants to see what my updates are as, she too, peruses what I have noted and considered.

But, cookbooks are like Bibles- they hold family histories. They hold memories. They hold stories.

I purchased this cookbook before our DC adventure, with the single intent of using it:

And use it... I have. I jot down recipes that I have found to be successful

I even write down what the menu was for a given holiday...  (Easter 2012 was chicken salad croissants, egg salad sandwiches, and BBQ potato chips as we watched the Masters)

Flipping through the pages, I make notes about the recipe. If something turned out not to be as expected- well, The Future Me will be prepared.

I take lots of notes. Lots and lots...

 Chilled Red Bell Pepper Soup? Who'da thought that would be good? So, I told TFM (the future me) that, "hey- you! Don't be surprised... this isn't bad!"

I take notes upon notes as the recipe is made again and again.

And, if a meal fails and there is no saving it... I let myself know. Even when it sounds delightful. 

Or, if it is pale in comparison to moms... that happens, too. 

Sometimes, the recipe is more of a guide and less of a precise measurement. Like this:

Or, just to really convey to TFM if something is icky and we had to order pizza... well, like I said I use cookbooks like notebooks. And knives like spoons. And dish towels like burp clothes. And burp clothes like dish towels.

I try to have a sense of humor about it and sometimes am more successful than others. 

Or, if I learned something- like how to undress a lamb (that's my verb in regards to lamb- not a technical term), I tell myself how to do it. Saves me the trip to google or to my chef friend.

Or, if something is insanely expensive... and then I find it cheaper somewhere else -- I tell myself where to look.

And... sometimes... how the recipe was modified and why... for instance, if I can't find something. I should make a note of where the thyme is.


Golden Gate Fam said...

I love this! I adore cookbooks (and read them like novels), but I've never really made notations in them the way you do. A great idea, and your daughter will be thrilled to receive your copy one day.

Shannon S. Hinson said...

I do this TOO! My mom does it and so do I. It becomes a journal in a sense.
(It also makes me think of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, but that is just silly).

Shannon S. Hinson said...

I do this, too!