Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Writer's Block, take 22

I tell you what, I get back from Augusta... and the wheels absolutely fall off in all places.

The house is clean. Shocking, I know. But... the blog? the once-a-day challenge? the bills? the grocery shopping? the STUFF? All those little things that make me ... me... the wheels are on the side of the road, somewhere between here and Georgia.

Over the weekend, LMC & I played in a water fountain-- something city kids do and our Georgia friends might find a little, well, odd. She was adorable. She grabbed her umbrella to keep her dry and then proceeded to flip it upside down without any understanding as to why the umbrella ceased to keep her dry. As I took pictures and laughed at her, I thought about how to phrase this moment.


Yesterday, LMC and I went to the pirate island known as the Teddy Roosevelt (wildlife sanctuary) island. It was amazing. Truly, one of the greatest most secret finds that I have found here. Tucked into the middle of everything amongst lush green trees is a seemingly abandoned monument to a great man. It was quiet. No, it was silent. I heard the little birdies and LMC telling me which way to steer the stroller on the boardwalk. As I walked, I was immediately so taken aback by the simplicity and captivating bronzed man, I tried to work a blog out in my head strolling amongst the cattails and lush marsh.


Today, I saw the Discovery Shuttle make four long, slow loops around DC. Carried by a Boeing and transported from Florida, the Discovery made it's final journey before coming to a halt at Dulles. In my mind, I started to wonder what little boys and girls will want to be when they grow up without the heroes at NASA. The words started to come together for a blog but then stopped. What's to say about a shuttle looping through DC before being retired at put on display at the Smithsonian? What's to say about my sincere disappointment in the closing of NASA?


I once said that sometimes the blog finds me and sometimes I find it, but I have been looking for it and it's been eluding me.

Writer's block is a bitch.

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