Friday, April 20, 2012

Two quick ones

LMC has kept me very, very busy as of late- so, let me share two quick ones with you--


I have been working with LMC about doing things herself. I have two constant statements. The first being:

ME: You can't or you won't?
Her: I won't.
ME: well, at least you know the difference.

The second being:
ME: LMC, you have two options. Option 1 [something that sounds kinda miserable and involves her having to sit in her bedroom behind a closed door]. Option 2 [what I want her to do by herself]. What's it going to be?
Her: Ummmmmm.... Op-tun 2, please.
ME: Good choice. We make decisions in life and we live with them.
Her: YEAH!

The past few days, I have been telling her she has to get her "pan-knees" on herself. She's a big girl, and big girls can put on their big girl "pannies" (not Pahnt-EE-s. not pant-es. But, pannies).

Me: LMC, I need you to put your pannies on, tag in the back.
Her: NO.
Me: Option 1... Option 2....
Her: inevitable whining
Me: I scoop and place her, pannie-less in her bedroom next to her pannies. The door is closed. I walk away.

Her: The door cracks just the tiniest of inches for a small hand to be extruded from her dungeon of punishment as she screams, "NO! NO PANNIES, MAMA!" and with a perfect arc the Dora pannies that we have selected for the day are thrown outside her door. Before the precious white cotton skivvies can hit the ground, she has slammed the door and stamped her feet with a second, "NO PANNIES, MOMMY!"

I try not to laugh. I pause. I call Mama Bits and share her latest antics.

"Oh my," comes the genteel southern voice over the phone.
"Oh my is right!" I respond.


We have had a great sleeper-- until she gave up her nap. Sigh. I bought blackout shades to keep her in bed past 6am. For about a week, we were able to keep her in bed by saying, "Call for us and we will come get you."

Last night, neither Husband nor Wife were sleeping that well. Just as Husband started breathing heavy and I was about to nod off was the tiniest pitter or little patters on our hardwood floors. LMC rounds the corner to our bedroom with a half grin planted on her culpable face, her pillow in her left hand and her blanket over her right arm. I watch in the safety of darkness and she is ever clueless of her audience. Her eyes get bigger as her target gets nearer. Around to my side of the bed and with a throw of her pillow high in the air, it lands between Husband and Wife. "Hi Mommy! Up, please."

It's funny, when you are really, really tired- you can sleep about anywhere... like next to a toddler in a toddler bed. And, when your husband asks if you want to rest a little longer after your daughter gets up, you say, "yes" and roll over in that same toddler bed for some more shut-eye. Without batting an eye.

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