Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The more things change....

The more things stay the same... That's what I have decided about Hometown. And that is not necessarily a bad thing, either.

Augusta is one of those places that you love to call home, that the nuances of hometown seem so commonplace that you think every town has them. From Midnight in the Garden of Evil, it was said that (allow me to paraphrase) "In Macon, they ask your religion. In Atlanta, they ask your business. In Augusta, they ask your mother's maiden name. But, in Savannah, we just ask your drink."

The first time I read that, I laughed. Because it was so true- and still is.

We ask your mother's maiden name because we want to know. We want to know who your people are. We want to know how we are related. Because, in Augusta-- we are. We always are.

Genealogy has been one of those hobbies that comes and goes with me. I love to stalk my ancestors and step into 1912 Birmingham and learn about great grandmother. Or move to wartime DC and find my grandparents and great grandparents... and cousins and uncles that have all spent time in this fair city that I currently call home. It's a wonderful way for me to spend the hours that used to make up nap time, and allow me a chance to have more questions than answers. Something that is both frustrating and wonderful.

Recently, I have stepped out of the box of my direct ancestors and started looking at the branches that hold cousins as I am hitting more brick walls, and with more answers only come more questions.

Looking at cousin Peter today, I found his father living at 2701 Henry Street in 1930. Wanting to confirm that address, I started to scroll to the top as my eyes glanced over the names ... all familiar ... Two lines above Franklin were the Sylvesters. I stop. SIL's grandparents and great grandparents. One line above them, the Sibleys- grandparents and great grandparents of several hometown friends.

It really is a small world. And that makes me happy.

Click on the picture above or the link below to see what I am talking about:

Line 27: 2635 Henry Street, The Sibleys
Line 32: 2637 Henry Street, The Sylvesters
Line 41: 2701 Henry Street, The Franklins

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MDW said...

Rachael, I love your blog post!!!!! It's SO true!! When I was little, it used to drive me crazy when my mom called everybody by their maiden names. I was like...."don't you realize they grew up, got married and now that's not their name????" Now, years later, it's sad that I find myself doing the same thing....Does that mean I'm getting old?