Monday, April 9, 2012

Getting Back on the Ball

I need to get back on the ball. With LMC having completely given up on naps, I can find abouuuuuttttt fifteen minutes while she eats lunch to feverishly get some work done and find a moment to check my electronic mail.

And last week was Masters. I love Masters week. I love the week before, all the anticipation, the planning, and the fun that waits on the cusp of the weekend.

Prom Queen made a trip to DC while Husband made a trip to the farm with LMC. We had a complete girls weekend- too much wine, shopping, pedicures, the whole nine yards. The house was quiet. We went to bed early. She ran a race (fool). All was right with the world. Husband and LMC found a gaggle of cousins on the farm eagerly anticipating their arrival. I was sad to miss the trip and I missed my little family, but having two days to myself reminded me that those frustrations [almost] three year olds can cause are really not so bad.

Sunday found two girls ready, really ready, to get on the road. Aborting our plans to travel all day Monday, we left Sunday afternoon... without my phone. It was both liberating and naked-fying being without my electronic tether to the world wide web. For about 10 seconds I thought about turning around. Back through the traffic. Back through the city. Back into the district.

At second 11, I backed that idea right out of my head. Georgia loomed in the distance! Besides, phone aren't allowed "on the course" anyway. And that's where we spent most of our time. Mom! Dad! Brother! Baby! Husband! It was all a mere eight hours away. We pressed on.

Arriving late in the evening, a dinner party at the 'rents house was winding down cranking up. Adults reliving their youth. We pour a glass of wine and join in the festivities. We kissed everyone goodnight with, "Safe travels! Happy Masters!"

Monday brought one of my top ten favorite people, Beth. Beth is one of those people that once you have met her, you've always known her. She folds into any crowd and has friends everywhere she goes. Recently, she moved back home to Georgia and is getting married in June. Whenever Beth is around- a good time is guaranteed. A promise to Prom Queen that the Tuesday ticket would not be wasted in Beth, we stalked her Saturday evening until we found her at a dinner party with friends and persuaded her to come join us.

She didn't hesitate. My kind of girl.

Husband and LMC were deposited in Augusta on Monday with my FIL. And the party began.

Poor Husband had three wives he had to take care of on Tuesday. Three lovely ladies telling him what to do, where to put his drink, how to hold his sandwich. Three wives. We called ourselves the Sister Wives. People took us seriously. We asked them not to judge our lifestyle. We laughed. A lot. At the end of the day on Tuesday- with this girl as the DD- we were sitting on the 5 green, finally catching some shade, and talking as if we had all been friends our whole lives. We have the rest of our lives to get that way. Beth and Husband grew up together. Prom Queen and I grew up together. And the four of us folded in together.

We begged Beth to stay. She said she had an appointment. We told Beth to cancel. She called. We found her a Wednesday ticket. She's officially on the short list.

Tuesday night brought Husband's college roommate, Beall. Beall probably has 1,455 people in his rolodex, works hard, and is fun. Fun like "Beth Fun." Fun like "college fun." Fun. Bringing Beall, Beth, Prom Queen, Par Three, and a DD (me) together was a recipe for the Best Par Three Ever. No lie.

And I have had some fun Par Threes, none of which I was the DD.  After the rain storm kicked us out and getting soaked to the bone, we found ourselves stuck in the parking lot as the cops directed traffic. The DD instructed husband and Beall to walk to the Publix and pick up a 12 pack of beer. Two hours later we would finally make it out of the parking lot. The drunk monkeys cranked up the radio, drank beer from red plastic cups, and sang with all their might. I had no idea how much fun it could be to be the DD.

Did I mention I was the DD? I want credit.

Upon arriving home, I passed the DD hat off to my imaginary friend and decided that trying to catch up would be foolish, but having fun was mandatory.

And fun was had by all.

Thursday brought the ensuing hangover from a fun night, promises to get together soon, and cars going in all directions across Georgia.

I love Masters time.

So, I'm back in the district and it is beautiful here. The weather is amazing. LMC and I are walking everywhere and enjoying each other's company. She is back in a toddler bed. We are making summer plans. We are loving the new apartment. And all is right with the world.

If only I could those naps back!


Ange said...

I knew a good time was had by all when prom queen asked for a plunger on the day of departure!

EMJ said...

Best Master's recap of my best Master's ever!