Saturday, March 3, 2012

too tired

I'm too tired to right a blog full of thought, wit, and love.

I am however full of thought, wit, and love this evening as I sit (lay) on my new [to me] couch in the dark with a sleeping baby in her new bedroom. I could not be sitting (laying) here if it weren't for wonderful friends who would not take my pride and the word NO for an answer.

My pride and the word NO are two things that should not be accepted amongst friends.

And they weren't.

A friend takes my babe when I am at my wits end with boxes.
A friend shows up to help.
A friend lends moral encouragement.
A friend offers laughs.
A friend gives companionship.

After much chagrin on my part, I accept. I need to learn to say please as easily as I say thank you.

I am blessed.
I am lucky.
I am all things that involve knowing and appreciating what I have and what we have been given.

As friends-

We have amazing friends.
We have amazing love.
We have amazing children.
We have amazing fortune.

I am one very lucky girl.

And I know this. I thank God every day that I know this.

This city. This place. This time in my life would not be as wonderful and as beautiful as it is if it were not for all of them. My favorite six. Truly, in this new world. I would be lost without them.

Thank you.

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