Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tap. Tap. Is this thing on?

I dial. It rings. A southern twang of, “Where the hell have you been?” and it’s like not a moment has passed.  Quick jibber jabbers between us and (one of my) my South Georgia SILs says, “I know how y’all are. I read your blog.”
Wait. What? You read my blog?
And so the background has been laid for today’s blog.
I get over 200 hits a day here in the land of Life of Cagle-- and I don’t even post daily, nor do I have a lot of followers (thank you, those 21 out there- YFBF!). It always crosses my mind wondering who is out there and what they think about what I have to say. 
For instance, last month 322 hits from Texas have ventured this way. From that, 119 of those was someone in Fort Worth.
Greetings, Ft. Worth! I hope you are enjoying our adventures! Say hi sometime- I don’t bite!
Better still, Minneapolis... who’s that? 119 visits since January 1. Peace and Salutations! Welcome to the club.
37 visits from IOWA? A virtual high five to you. How’s the weather over there?
So, I’m just curious... and just a little nosy- who follows our adventures in gardening? Who reads my recipes and says, “Ohhh... I can do that”? (the proper placement of the question mark in regards to the quotation mark would be appreciated.) Who out there felt my pain when LMC made me cry, wondering how The Story would end, cheered us on when we moved to the apartment, or was just a little impressed with my curtains and the evolution of my domesticity? 
Allow me to extend a warm hand and kindly make formal introductions, “Hi. My name is Wife. What’s yours?”


Lauren said...

Ah, yes. The old "hits vs. number of comments" dilemma. ;) You know I'm here, although often quiet. You know me.

(And isn't it a tiny bit awkward when your in-real-life people read your blog? I find myself very self-conscious when I see long-lost family members at holiday occasions now. Oh, and that time that a patient told my hubby, "I know you - I read your wife's blog!" Yeah, that was fun. :p )

JRR said...

To whoever might be listening.... I had the treat from your parents of the World's Best C.F.S. and Gravy.. with a Vodka Diet Cranberry thankyouverymuch!!!! ...I always think after just such a visit how wonderfully warm and loving your family is (and wickedly witty... guess you get it naturally :))) Wish you were here... oh will be very soon :) JRR

Caroline said...

You know I'm here, just a stone's throw away in this little big city we now call home.

Anonymous said...

Uh, in case you're wondering, the question mark (and all punctuation) should go INSIDE the quotation marks (according to the Chicago Manual of Style). And you know how much I enjoy reading your blog! --nb

Sarah and Jonathan said...

Rachel you are such a good and consistent blogger!!! I WISH was as wonderful as you are at keeping up with this and I love reading your posts :) Miss you guys!

Aleasha said...

I read. I follow. I just to comment. Sad, I know. But oh so true. Perhaps I'm the one from Ft Worth. Miss you dear friend!