Monday, March 26, 2012

Super Fun!

I love color (shocking, I know). When I lived at the Kappa House, I got in ten kinds of trouble for painting my cell bedroom walls. If there walls weren't suicide white, it would have been fine. Living at the KKG house was awesome... it was just the walls. They were so w-h-i-t-e.

So, I painted them a lovely periwinkle purple, pushed the twin beds together to make a king size bed with a light green duvet and sheets with a white background and matching periwinkle flowers that were so soft, it was like a cocoon every night. It was furnished with the nicknacks left from years and years prior. For instance, I found an ancient typewriter in one of the closets. It was the tiny travel kind, perfect for holding my makeup brushes. Had I been smarter, I think I might have tried to pull the ribbon out and see what kind of love notes where left by some KKG from long ago. At the end of the year, I returned it to its home in the back of the same closet. I like to think it is still there, but it's probably in the trash.

We live in a rented apartment and I need some cah-lore in this home to make it ours. Color I have- time I lack. Ability I have- funds I lack. So, I hooked up with a friend at Roomates Peel & Stick and pleaded my case. She was happy to help!

LMC's tiny bathroom needed some lovin' and we decided on Gem's Farm. Cute, right? I totally agree.

Vinyl stickies are so easy. Literally, you peel.... and stick. It's a lot like the bend and snap but there is only a 12% chance of getting a date at the end.

What's even better- if you don't like the way they are placed... like this duck and the pond...

Then, un-peel and re-stick...

This guy is my favorite:

 But, what's not to love about a little cow & sheep leaping out from "Mommy needs a cocktail?"

I did all this in about 15 minutes-- LMC's new nap time frame. She walked into her bathroom and I felt a new sort of awesome when LMC walked in and said, "OHHHHH! Ma-Mee! So COOL! Hi Cow! Hi sheep! Look! A puppy! I go [garden], puppy! Watch!"

Color, it's what I need around here. 

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Wanting What I Have said...

Love that towel! And what a fun way to jazz up the space. :)