Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Keds make me smile. Martha handed down Tellis' red Keds to us a few months ago and we are finally able to wear them. (turns out that she is no longer the size 3 I thought she was... whoops.) They were barely worn, so they are not just like new- they are totally new and already broken in. Much better than new!

Keds really, really make me smile.

On both little boys stinky feet with overalls and little girls dainty feet underneath sweet dresses. Keds make any dress a little less fru-fru and any set of play clothes a little nicer.

I love Keds.

Today was a school day and LMC pitched a fit about her "boat" dress-- a white dress with navy smocking at the neck in the pattern of sail boats on the water. The red Keds were a perfect match. Her hair was a little wild and her attitude left a little something to be desired, but Blessed Be the School Day- they tend to calm both her temperament and mine.

Keds ain't cheap either- not much about clothing a toddler is- but Keds are not the exception. So, we are thankful for the hand-me-downs. Walking home today from school, LMC swung her little red shoes up and down while she snacked on her goldfish. I just-- I just wanted to take a moment-- a mental snapshot of this moment we had walking down the brick sidewalk with the perfect 68 degree, blue sky day surrounding us.

Keds make me smile.

When we got home, she went back to that attitude that makes me take a deep breath. She throws her goldfish and stomps them into crumbs. I take them away and ignore the scream while I vacuum. She gardens elsewhere. I take away a toy. She whines. I correct her. All this, with a smile on my face, because this is what I get to see sometimes:

He works so very hard for us-- something no one gets to see except for us and the babies that need him. And the little red Keds are already trying to fill those shoes.

Keds make me smile and make this girl very happy.

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Anonymous said...

precious and grateful for my brilliant daughter in law, adorable grandaughter and blessed son...happy turkey weekend:)
we love u all,
cookie and dude