Wednesday, March 28, 2012

In the shadows of greatness

This city- it is consuming. Recently, I have been talking to a new friend about her relocation to Hometown, giving her tips, opinions (of which I have lots-- shocking, I know), secrets, and tricks to the place that I once called home.

It got me a little nostalgic. We reside in 1446 square feet. We pay an ungodly amount of money. We don't own. We rent, like commoners. (yeah, I said it) We have one car. We sacrifice. But, like OR says, "Living in the city is a commitment, but look at what you get! Schools from across the country have an insane amount of bake sales to come to our backyard once." You can't argue with that logic.

So, taking my negativity and turning it into something positive, I packed a picnic, a husband and an LMC into the car for an adventure at the arboretum- none of 'em really happy about it. We laid out a wedding present white sheet (now grass stained), grabbed my camera and basked in the windy day. The perfect windy day with the greatest companions. It was a great day in the shadows of the original twenty-two columns of the Capitol. LMC ran in and out of them, screaming, "WATCH! Watch, Da-Dee! Watch Ma-Mee! Ribbit! Hop Hop!"

It was like nothing you would think to see in this "modern" country. Awesomely breathtaking and completely humbling.

She ran in the overgrown green grass. She hopped over puddles of water. I taught her how to pick flowers. She picked one just for me. Her father taught her how to blow dandelions. The wind caught the little white flecks and started a dance for hundreds. She screamed with gleeful delight. Not something we could do anywhere else- in the shadows of greatness, that which held the roof over men who actually made a foundation for this country. The Washington Monument, the Capitol, and the Library of Congress all on the horizon, on the edge of where we sat. 

LMC, who has given up on napping, is completely cached on the sofa. Husband is sitting quietly in his chair and I am at the bar, sipping some ice cold water, waiting on the rain to start as the trains at Union Station rush people to where they call home. I just found a cherry blossom petal next to my computer. I'm smiling.

Can't we freeze time? Can't we pause this moment in our lives, at the cusp of our five year anniversary? 

This city- if you let it, it can crawl under your skin without even noticing and be home.


Wanting What I Have said...

LMC is adorable! Wish you were in some of these! (Isn't that the way it is!) And I'm so glad DC is feeling more like home. What a blessing!

Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

Awwww! Love those photos! Looks like a wonderful day for your family! I love getting out of the city every now and then. It's just very calming. But the city is definitely home... :)