Friday, March 2, 2012

Almost.... ALMOST there

The boxes are packed.
The kitchen cabinets are still full.
The underside of the bed has been emptied.
The bathroom cabinets are in postal carriers ... it's a federal offense to have the boxes. Shh.
The three large pieces of furniture are empty, ready to be moved.

We get the keys at 5pm today.

And a new adventure begins. Or maybe the adventure of living in under 1100 square feet ceases. And our DC adventure continues.

What I love about small space living....
* Easy to clean
* LMC can be anywhere in the apartment and I can only rarely not find her

What I do not love about small space living...
* Insanely easy to make a mess
* It's still possible to lose LMC

But, for now-- we will just keep livin' ... l-i-v-i-n

Let's say a prayer for wits, our backs, and our gracious friends who will help us this weekend.



Princess said...

Good Luck!!! All your hard work will be worth it!!!!!!!!

Golden Gate Fam said...

Thanks for the maternity-wear advice. Good luck on your move! (I stalk you back via ESS's blog too haha).