Friday, February 3, 2012

What a day!

The morning started slower than normal even though everything got a little bit of an earlier start. By 8am, LMC was out of bed and her "toastie strudel" was toasting in the oven. The cold day loomed ahead and the thought of staying in the apartment got to be a little too much. With Mickey Mouse on the tv, I scoured the World Wide Web to see if there was anything free that we could do today.


But, we live in the greatest city in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD- there is plenty to do! Strapping on our North Face gear, the Cagle girls set out to see the town. After finding double secret parking near the memorials, we unloaded and got started on our day. (please... don't think for a second that I am sharing. It's not that secret, but it's definitely nothing I am repeating.)

Well, we took a wrong turn and started heading away from the memorials, but that's okay- because we all need to stretch our legs now and again. I have a good sense of direction... not a great sense, but a good sense.

Stumbling upon the FDR memorial, I was elated as this was one place I had been trying to find. We wound around and around and were in love with the maze-like granite path and water falls. LMC found an oversized bronze puppy (and paparazzi, see previous post) and refused to leave it throwing a fit encapsulated for generations via Japanese speaking tourists. After getting it together and kissing the puppy, we were off again.

Little did I know (good... not great, keep that in mind) that we had crossed the tidal basin and were on the other side of the small pond. How cool! I now knew how to get to the Jefferson Memorial, next on our outing adventure list. Dropping down several steps, we started to make our way away from both the Jefferson and FDR memorials and over to the MLK memorial, walking along the plummeting edge of the cold water. LMC through quite the fit and had no understanding why I wanted her in the stroller and not skipping in front of me. Go figure.

Strolling along the water and snapping pictures as I went, we landed at MLK before crossing Independence and heading over the Korean War Memorial.

Should I make this declaration? Do I dare? Why not, as I can't be the only one out there... I don't know much about the Korean War. What were we fighting for? How did it end? How did it begin? I have research to do so I can appreciate it more than I already do. LMC took off running and had me in hot pursuit behind her. We took a break at the Lincoln memorial for her to water the garden before traipsing out again.

sidenote:  I do know this about the Korean war. There were a lot of brave men that gave a lot for this worthy cause. One such man was Husband's grandfather. G-Man served as a marine in WWII. When the Korean (conflict? why is that ringing a bell?) War started up, G-Man went to the marines and said, "I'm here. I'm trained. I've trained. Put me to work."
You're. Too. Old.
That did not stop him. He went to the army, reenlisted and worked his way through the ranks... again... to serve his country... again. That's impressive to me.

I love the Lincoln memorial-- but, what I really love is the backside of it. No one goes there, and it's great place to let your feet dangle over the ledge and watch the water drift under the bridges and the cars drive by. Today, I showed LMC this spot and she took right to it. Sitting way back from the ledge and slowly inched forward, she said, "No tumble big cold water." (which is similar to what I said at the basin)

We paid props to Mr. Lincoln before taking the 1,466 stairs down- LMC jumping down each one... me? maneuvering the stroller.

Turning left, the Cagle girls made a leisurely stroll over to the Vietnam Memorial, where I saw my favorite tour guide-- a retired History teacher who gives the Very Best tour of the monuments. A wave and return high five, LMC is claiming she is not tired as she falls out wanting me to hold her.

We move forward.

A short trip home, a quick lunch and she has been asleep for over three hours.

What a day. What a great day.  

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Anonymous said...

Good grief! You did all that BEFORE lunch? I am very impressed. --nb