Monday, February 20, 2012

Spring Break for thirty-somethings

Lesson #1...

When antiquing with the Prom Queen, cute flats are not what should be on these feet. 

Lesson #2...
When antiquing with the Prom Queen, we will be traipsing through mud, pillaging through barns, and otherwise getting dirty. Dress appropriately.

Lesson #3...
When antiquing with the Prom Queen, teach your 2.5 year old ahead of time that it is okay to water the garden outside of a garden as long as you are actually in a garden. (because the portable gardens will be beyond icky and smell like old lady fertilizer)


The Prom Queen & SCSH are my two most favorite ladies in the whole wide world. They are cut from a special cloth and are just wonderful. No other adjectives needed.

Last month, Prom Queen called me with this hair-brained idea that we should go antiquing. Always up for an adventure, I signed on. She researched. She called. She planned. I was along for the ride. Friday we woke up bright and early, got our work done, packed and after spending the morning in New Market- my first voyage into Maryland- we head south (or east? west? whatever) to Fredrick, MD where we spent almost three hours perusing through an emporium.... with a two year old who was an absolute angel. Not exaggerating. She was so well behaved that at the end of the day we walked into a toy store and I said to LMC, "Pick out any one toy you want. You have been such a good girl, you deserve a treat."

I asked the girl behind the counter where some cool toys were and she said, "Our green toys are over there. They are made from 100% recycled materials and are poly-onic and bio-something, made from reusable energy and mother Earth loves us all," .... "Over there are our cooperative toys."

"Cooperative? What's that mean?"

"You know- cooperative." (I raise my eyebrows) "Cooperative" (she continues to my raised eyebrows, still trying to wrap my head around green toys being cool) "Cooperative means that the children work together and there are no winners and losers. Freubian says that children who are exposed to losing a game have a .06% chance of becoming somewhat depressed in their preteen years. These cooperative games prevent the exposure of being in second place." (she lost me)

My head nodding, I ask, "Tell ya what... do you have musical instruments? Where are they?"

Now, she raised her eyebrows and with a flick of her wrist, points me to a dusty corner in the back.

LMC picked out a xylophone and calls it her "good girl zy-lo-phone" which makes my heart melt.

Day #2 started out parking in a field and heading to Chartreuse & Co. Only opened the third weekend of the month, it is not something that is to be missed. Up one mishappened aisle and down another, we looked, gossiped, laughed, and moved forward. The Prom Queen found some pretty amazing things as her eye for antiques is more honed than mine. I found a salt box- which I actually put salt in- and 4 hemstitched Irish linen napkins (shown in her left hand below) that have since been cleansed of their nasty old stains, yellowed edges, and black dots. They are washed and pressed and sitting in my drawer.

This guy almost came home with me. Prom Queen and I both saw the beauty of the very shallow drawers (you know that joy that comes from finding the forgotten shirt? and the tears that follow when it no longer fits?). Husband received a text message with a picture. He hesitated, I decided to pass. 

And, if I were in college and doing this blog... this would be my background, because it is really true.

LMC, Prom Queen, and I packed up from Chartreuse & Co, off roared through the mud to get back to the highway (in my Z-71, 4 wheel drive. Those Mercedes that got stuck in the mud on the way out were SOL). On a whim we stopped at a pink and black spotted building that said Antiques on the side. Actually called, "On A Whim" - we found cute old ladies that actually like children, always a surprise when antiquing.

After On A Whim, we crossed over the Potomac and headed into the rolling hills of Virginia, stopping in Leesburg and eating lunch at an old bank. We wound around the little town, stopping here and there and making tiny purchases along the way. 

We did not buy any scrabble pieces, because, really? Why sell scrabble pieces for a dollar a piece? I guess if someone wants to sell, than someone else must want to buy?

Since I have not driven at night in almost two years, Prom Queen volunteered to drive back into the city and I was eternally grateful. Once we got into town, I pulled out my camera and went to clicking away.

We were both surprised at how much fun we had, but when you get Prom Queen and Wife together, there does not have be to be a destination, getting there is always the most fun.


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LOVE the picture of Eileen that's almost sepia-toned. And your night driving pics are AWESOME!