Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Our right now ONE

How do you know? As a parent when your  little one finds their "One" ... how do you know? Do you know it before they know it? Do they know before you? Are there many false starts? Are there actually many "ones"? Do those false starts make us better parents and them better members of society- as both an adult and child? Are those children able to make those decisions (even as adults)? How do you let go and let them decide?

Am I ready for this?

Lucky for me, I don't have to be. YET.

One day, maybe the future SIL will be like Mr. Mobile and take her to the bench in the garden by her family's church.
Maybe he'll be like LMC's daddy and ask at the beach.
Maybe he'll be like LMC's uncle and ask on her birthday with the family all around.
Maybe this future son-in-law of mine will branch out on his own and take her to a park... or the river... or an open field with wild flowers.
Maybe they'll run off like Uncle Shaw and Aunt Bev.

And, maybe he'll get down on one knee and confess his undying love to my precious daughter. And maybe she'll say yes- scared out of her wits- but knowing that this man will be the beginning of her family, and an extension of ours.

But, right now- all we have to think about are making memories with our current "one" and knowing that whoever that "One" will be one day has big navy velcro newbies to fill as An-Ew is pretty good stock. Whoever An-Ew's MIL will be, she is sitting out there clueless- with no idea what kind of wonderful man awaits, what I am sure certain is a very precious little lady.

Until then though, he is all ours! And I'm totally cool with that.

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