Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I'm hiding.

Currently, I am hiding in my (messy) bedroom. My bed is clean and well made, thus, I am hiding in an oasis of comfort. There are boxes upon boxes and baskets upon baskets. The apartment smells like paint and LMC is in her crib, where she has been for longer than I should tell you... singing. Not napping. Singing. I needed her to nap. Badly.

I need to be packing. Desperately.

Instead, I am sitting on my bed, pretending that this weekend is not two days away and this place is much, much further along than it really is.

In typical Wife fashion, the pantry is completely cleaned out, boxed up and waiting to be moved. One rug is rolled up. The big pieces are almost emp... I take that back, two of the three big pieces .... no, wait. That's not right either.

One large piece is completely empty.
One large piece is almost empty.
One large piece is not at all empty. But the rug underneath it is gone.

Books are piled in laundry baskets. Framed pictures are in bags. Bags are in bags.
A book shelf is empty.
My kitchen cabinets are completely full.
My kitchen counters are cluttered with the items I took out of the heavy pieces.
I should use a four letter word when describing this place.

The guest bathroom is sitting at about... I'll be generous... 80%. The hallway is lined with boxes, all too heavy to move... all will be pushed down to the new apartment. Most of the art is still hanging on the walls.

And LMC is still in her crib singing. Hush, little baby. Sleep. Mommy needs to take a break.

So, here I am. Hiding. The door is closed and I am getting some actual work done-- the stuff that pays the bills-- not the bills or the like. What a way to relax? Heck, I think getting a root canal would be more relaxing than opening that door and looking at the chaos.

It's pretty bad.

Speaking of chaos... you should see LMC's room. Her stool is turned upside down, her chair is in the middle of the room and her crib is askew off any wall. No wonder she can't nap... but, really, all she has to do is close her eyes and it all goes away. She will learn.

We are eating roast beef sandwiches for the rest of the week- lunch and dinner- until we move. Oh, and lots of red wine. lots and lots. Because, how would you move otherwise?

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