Monday, February 6, 2012

Hot Child in the City

What do you do when your little one has a fever? One of those pathetic days where they are curled up in Mama's bed, drinking orange juice and watching Mickey Mouse... what do you do?

When the day is going to be 55 and gorgeous? And there is a future of healthier days in sight?

You jack those little ones up on Tylenol & Motrin, grab your best buds who are equally feverish and go to the zoo. That's what you do... at least in the city.

And slowly, very... very slowly you start to see the fever-y whines diminish at the discovery of walls to climb... 

And little brother tries to do everything big brother does, but his height hinders him from climbing walls and leaping off in a single bound....

So, Little Brother takes a page from Big Brother's book... and plays hard to get with LMC... which is cool, because LMC learned about this hard-to-get business, too.

We keep them fully hydrated with lots of orange juice and pretend that those red cheeks are from running around and NOT from the fever that has broken.

 Runny noses are wiped with the pile of Kleenexes that we brought in our equally equipped jump bags. Medicine is administered on a similar time table. Slowly, very slowly, the goods kick in and our happy children have emerged from the fevered cocoon that encapsulated them.

They stopped their viticulture activities and decided it be much more fun to be farmers.

So this mom could get a lesson from that mom about photography.

And this mom could get all kids in lesson in alpacas and what they can produce (of course, this mom had no idea what an alpaca looked like... but that mom did, so we are pretty great together)

Big Brother got brave enough to pat the cow.... while his buddy, LMC screamed bloody murder and ran behind this mom to say, "Pig scare me. Donkey scare me. Cow MOOOOOOOO very scary."

So, she looked from afar and told that Big Brother, "AN-EW, Be cawefulllll. Cow MOOOOO scary!"

Shortly before the fevers set back in, This Mom, That Mom and three babies piled in the car with three carseats to head back across town from a great morning at the zoo.

That's what you do when your babies have fevers-- because they are going to go stir crazy (and you will, too)- and as we have always said, "It's always better when we're together."

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