Sunday, February 26, 2012

HIghlights of the new apartment!

I'm in love with all the light!- from the Butler's Pantry facing the  sitting area

- from the sitting area area to the dining area

There is another one of those full length windows on the other side, behind the column -from the hallway

LMC's room... her first DC window!

AND HER SECOND! :) YEAH! MORE LIGHT! (and see that sofa? Yeah, it's ours. Be jealous.)

Three of the FOUR shelves in M-Y closet. Not our closet... M-Y

O-U-R bedroom- Husband's closet is on the right. All to himself. 

The long hallway- from the foyer... FOYER! How exciting!
Bathroom on the right, followed by laundry ROOM then pantry
Hall closet on left, followed by our bedroom then LMC's room 

The den off the foyer, looking down the hallway. The open door is the bathroom.
No windows in here, so this will be my office.

Our walk-in pantry, complete with ice packs. 

I'm kinda obsessed with the windows and column

Same view, just no patio. I can handle this.

Butler's Pantry. - taken from column
Kinda worthless without shelves- they won't be worthless once we get in here!

Kitchen is the same. 

the LONG hallway with LMC's room on the right
(see that puddle of light streaming from her door? Oh, I love that)

The Spanish tile view from the kitchen counter. 

It's awesome, right? You're jealous, right? You should be. (but, you won't be if I told you how much it cost) We are elated about it! Come on next week, I'm ready to start schlepping some things over, busting out my painting sticks and making this place home!

New address: #702

Also, I have already ordered fabric for the curtains. There will be a two-tone green stripe on the big windows in the dining/sitting area with a COW PRINT on the full length windows (very excited). In LMC's room, we're doing yellow and white stripes with black polka dots on the eight foot window and little giraffes on the full length window. Once I finish and hang those then will I attempt to do something for our room. It's what the office is for when I am not working!

We're also going to make our first attempt at a curtain wire system for the windows as they are too large for normal rods and I am too cheap for those big fancy ones my SIL has. We'll see how it goes and I will certainly keep you posted!


Family Snodgrass said...

Awesome, awesome, AWESOME! I love it all!

Lauren said...

Gorgeous! Can't wait to see the settled-in pics. :)

Anonymous said...

Love the light, love the space, love the wood floors--you'll love it, too. My only worry is that the sheer weight of all those yards of cotton duck will be too heavy for any kind of wire hanging system for the curtains. But, Katie Scarlett, worry about that tomorrow! --nb

Tamara said...

LOVE the windows. And I vote you roller-skate on those floors before you move in; they're begging for it!