Monday, February 13, 2012

Has it really been a week?

Well, It's been a busy 6 days- not that it is an excuse. 

I went to my first sewing lesson.
I have made two dresses since.

This one was the first-- It was like getting married and seeing my first born for the first time all wrapped into one. 
And, check out the detail! :) I rule.

I cooked my first Sunday dinner.

I made mustard greens for Husband. He loved them. I didn't try them. Too green for me.
I called Mom and she promised to come up in June to teach me how to blanch butter beans so we can be stockpiled this winter.

Mustard greens. Ew.
But, I did make parsnips in lieu of mashed taters. YUM!
And isn't it a pretty bird? Husband & I decided that we are making chickens until we (he) figures out how to carve one perfectly-- just like Daddy does.
I learned not to follow Martha Stewart's ideas on what gravy is. She's an idiot.
Don't be deceived, I can make a mean gravy. Mama taught me. Foolish me thought I could follow a Martha Stewart original. Foolish, Foolish me. It actually hit the trash.
We went to the Baltimore Aquarium.

super cool, right? I took over 400 pictures and erased all but 87! I freaking love my camera.

It snowed. A lot. But, nothing stuck. Sadly.

Last minute before the light turned green. But, can't you imagine it without those cars? It coulda been great.

LMC got sick... and stayed that way. She was pretty cracked out on fever, Tylenol, and Motrin.

I made chili. I hate chili. Rephrase: I hateD chili. Further rephrase: I still hate chili, unless it is made to my exact specifications. Remember, I'm a picky eater.

Before you cast an opinion- even Husband said it was the best chili he has ever had. Ready for this? BUTTERNUT SQUASH chili with sausage. Yes, please.

I started writing a book, thanks to the inspiration of my very funny friend, Princess Flibbertigibbet. I seriously doubt anything will come of it, actually, I have to finish the damn thing first. BUT- once it's done, I'll see what I want to do with it. Currently, it is over 12,000 words. It's The Story, but with a whole lot more detail about Prom Queen, The Boy, Tractor, Chicken--renamed Poulet, Copper-- renamed Constable, oh, and of course Husband.  There is even a story that involves making out and chap stick. Some names have been changed- some haven't. Martha is still Martha, but Brother is Brother instead of Brad. 

It's got a ways to go and I have some serious cleaning up to do once the first draft is complete.... speaking of cleaning... the apartment... yeah, it beckons... ugh. Where's my laundress? 


Jessica said...

Yay for Sunday supper! We try to do it every week. And I'm horrified that I think I served you mustard greens!

Butternut squash sausage chili is a huge staple in our house! Do y'all make it with black beans? Mmmm.

Dresses are adorable! But you knew that ;).

JRR said...

WOW! Where DO you get the energy?? A gluten free energy drink??? :) You must share the secret! Good looking chili.. good looking dress!!

Tamara said...

Adorable dress, adorable little one!