Monday, January 23, 2012

What do you do?

What do you do on these stupid cold days when not fighting off a head cold, negotiating with the leasing department about rent, and trying to keep some semblance of house around these 1056 square feet?

You make a big mess in the kitchen.

Currently, I am cooking wild rice in the microwave and bulk sausage on the stove in a large pot. The leeks are caramelizing next to the carrots and celery slowly sautéing. I am not really sure what I am making, but in the end- it kept both LMC & I entertained for two hours. While flambéing, julienning, and balancing the right amount of time my 2.5 year old can play with my cutting knife and peeler (three minutes seems to be the right amount of time before she cuts herself), we whip up makeshift play dough with self-rising flour (Where in the hell is my AP flour?!), salt, cornstarch, more SR flour, more salt, and more water. It holds her attention long enough for the sausage to drain safely in the sink. I felt a little like a Who down in Who-ville with her Jing-Jinglers.

"Little bouncy balls!" She cries, gleefully.
"BIGGGGG bouncy balls! White balls, ma-mee! I CUT IT! Ma-mee, Oobleck tool, please. I make big, little bouncy balls for ma-mee! Ma-mee, help? NO! I do it!" She continues without a nap.

Outside, what is normally a beautiful view of the Basilica is covered with cold white fog too dense to see more than 1/4 mile up second street. The windows are closed and I have decided that today will be the day we hibernate.

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