Monday, January 16, 2012

A Special Place

I have said it before-- there are few things that I will scream from the rooftops.

So, allow me to start a list of things that I will scream from the rooftops.

Take a moment and read this. But- prepare yourself. While few details are thankfully given, a baby... a tiny, helpless, totally defenseless in this world baby ... dies.

Left on a doorstep
Wrapped in a towel
In the cold

With temperatures last night hanging ferociously in the teens. 

In case you have forgotten how small, and truly helpless a baby that has been out of the warm womb less than a week can be, let me remind you....

That's LMC at five weeks. In this picture, LMC has four weeks on the little girl that was left for dead last night. Four more weeks of nourishment. Four more weeks of love, warmth, strength... 

There is a special place for that little baby- someplace warm and wrapped in Our Mother's loving arms- she who holds us all. 

What hurts my heart is DC has a safe haven law which allows any child under 7 days of age to be dropped off at any hospital, EMS station, fire department, or police station- the parent shielded from prosecution for abandonment with the cloak of anonymity.

It appears that the parent must not have wanted to wait at the bus stop for the six minute ride to the police station half a mile up the road. It appears that the parent's index finger must have been broken as the door bell was not rung. It appears that the parent must have been half naked and not in a jacket of their own as to leave a baby swaddled in a towel on a January night before going and doing whatever was more important. It appears that the parent must also be deaf in both ears and probably blind as to not hear, what I am sure, were pathetic cries from the six pounds of helplessness and see what a horrible heartless thing that was to do. 

It appears that I have something that I will shout from the rooftops. 

It also appears that there is a special place-- a warm and special for someone like that, someone who drop a baby off on a doorstop and just simply walk away.

Allow me to scream.

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Anonymous said...

That poor little baby is in a much better place right now that she ever was on Earth. Heaven made an error to send her to us, an error that was quickly corrected. Bless that child.