Friday, January 13, 2012

New Boots!

LMC & I spent the morning at Eastern Market with friends and fellow tiny people. A leisurely breakfast, babies running to and fro... fro and to, with free refills of tea (mostly because the ladies behind the counter like me... not because they are actually free. Just the first.), and thick brick walls halting the 45 mph wind that has been rapturing the city on this cold, 39 degree, teeth chattering kind of day.

Having found my new favorite "double secret" parking, we wandered over to Dawn Price to see what kind of things they had on sale. The winter items were 30% off, but no, oh no, not even a little maybe- we  paid FULL retail (a whopping $30 + tax) for red ladybug boots that she insisted on

(a) wearing out the store
(b) showing every stranger that walked by "my new BOOOOOOOTS! Rojo boots! Look, lady- Lady Bug boooooots my Da-Dee gave it me." (which, in fact, is correct- we did use Husband's income to pay- he just won't know until he gets home this afternoon.)
(c) not taking them off upon arriving back home
(d) taking a nap in them. Not with them. IN them.

Wanting to show off said Ladybug Boots, we head down to the leasing office to let the ladies admire her and her two small shopping bags. "I no carry, Ma-Mee. You carry."

"Honey, look. Put one on each arm... flip your wrist and sport a little sass."
"Ohhh... So Beautiful, Ma-Mee."
"See? Now, let's adjust those sunglasses & show the ladies your new boots." (yes, we are inside.)

An open door and four VERY PATIENT and kind leasing ladies all say, "Ohhhhh.... LMC... you are so beautiful! And look at those new boots!"

"Danks! ON-SHON-TAY!" with a kick of her foot and she is off again.


PS- You are crazy if you think I'm going to share where double secret parking is at Eastern Market. CRAZY. But, trust me. It's good. Real good.

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