Thursday, January 19, 2012

Maybe it's time.

When we lived at 2635, meat could be hung from our rafters. That is how cold we kept it. Even in the summer... especially in the summer... we wanted to make our noses numb. For us, it was comfortable. After LMC came along, we slowly brought the temperature down from a balmy 78 degrees. LMC was probably the only baby in our zip code to sleep in fleece footie jammies in August.

But, before LMC, there were those frosty evenings cuddled up on the couch and watching tv. We had our favorite Mobile implants over for dinner one night on one of those frosty cold evenings and realized that maybe it is not normal to keep our thermostat hovering above freezing.

Mr & Mrs Mobile never took off their jackets. Mr. Mobile found his wife's scarf and wrapped it around his neck. It finally dawned on me that they might be cold, so I said in my short sleeve shirt, "Husband- why don't you go ahead and cut the heat up about five degrees to 64?"

Yeah, I said it. Cut the thermostat up to 64.

We laughed, Husband flipped it up to 64 and the night moved on. The next day, Husband had a speech prepared:

"Wife- I am a viable part of this family. I work hard for us. I pay the mortgage and I love you. There will be no negotiating on this. The thermostat will stay at 63. I am the man of this household and that is the final say-so we will have about the wintertime temperature. Understood?"

"Seriously? 63?" I whined,"That's so warm. Can't you just put on a sweater when you get home?"

"NO! It's cold."

I scoff. I stomp my bratty feet, but in the end- he won at 62.

That's all find and good living in Georgia when there are about 16 really cold days during a year, but here in DC, well that's a different story.

It's January 19th and I am holding out. Don't tell Husband, because I would never admit it, but my nose is cold. Sitting here at the kitchen table with music in my ears and LMC not napping in her crib, I have to continue typing to keep my fingers warm. Do not tell Husband as I'll deny it, but it's cold.

The other day, we were sitting around this same kitchen table and Husband said, "Honey, it's time to cut on the heat."

"Are you cold?" in the tone of voice reserved for someone referencing lobsters growing out of ears.
"Well, put on a long sleeved shirt," I realistically retorted.
"Cut on the g-damn heat."

And we giggle. Giggle a lot. Fall out laughing because who argues about the heat? Not the temperature- but the fact if it should be ON... in January... on these 35 degree days and 17 degree evenings. I might try and negotiate to keep the heat off if we start sleeping with the windows closed. He parleyed and won the right to close the bedroom window at night- he lost the battle when it came to the den window. A girl has to keep her options, and her windows, open.

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The Steffens said...

Stumbled here from Elizabeth's blog roll, but I had to comment - we too keep our place OH SO COLD. And our little dear wears fleece footies year round because of it. I swear when we had to put the temps up a little bit closer to normal temps when we had a baby, we positively could not sleep at night we were just SO HOT. We took to sleeping with two fans blasting at our bed. Glad we're not alone! :)