Saturday, January 14, 2012


I’m going to spend another minute on this double secret parking business. Why? 
Because it is that good.
Several years ago, it was a Saturday in Athens & dad called while we were driving into town. 
“I’ve found double secret parking.”
“Trust me. Turn on XXX St, count to three and make a sharp right. You won’t see the parking spot until you make the turn, but you will see our car.”
Seriously. Those were the directions. (much like the time the directions included, “Go about 15-30 minutes and fork to the left at the big rock,” more on that one later.)
So, we did as instructed- turned on XXX, counted to three & turned right. It quickly became the stuff of legends. Not only is the parking free, it’s so hidden that even those that could make money or be annoyed have not thought about it. We would park & head to our tailgating spot up the way, as only one car is allowed into the tailgating lot where we set up shop. 
Quickly, our friends got wind of this “DSPS” that Brother and I had. Where was it? How could it be that good and still be both free and close? We were making this up. Surely.
Oh, but no. It is real. And, for the most part, still secret. Please, take off that crazy hat- I am not sharing. 
My Athens DSPS or my Eastern Market DSPS.

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