Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Compassion for strangers

I keep thinking about fun blogs that I want to update YFBF (Ye Few But Faithful- from the priest on Sister Act)-- like our successes and failures in gardening (trust me on this-- it gets messy), or that Husband is coming off two months of being on service and starting a four week block of research- which is always exciting to have Husband around for more than just sleeping and bathing LMC, or how cold it is and yet I am too damn stubborn to flip the switch on the heater... things like that....

But, I am caught up in this horribly sad story about the little baby. She had nothing when they found her but the towel around her. Naked, no diaper, and left for dead. I cannot shake it.

It makes me want to put a sign on our front door that says, "If you don't want your baby- please- knock and run. We will keep them warm and fed until something can be done. You have my word."

It makes me want to believe more in the humanity of people and yet... I fail.

It makes me want to scream.

My friend, OR, commented about the story, "What a desperate place that parent must have been in." OR has more compassion than me. She adopts a teenage mother each year at Christmas and fulfills their wish list. A wish list containing things like a car seat and bottles. Like I said, more compassion.

Or, maybe she sees more silver linings and good things in humanity.

So, I sit. I sit in my [obnoxiously expensive] apartment and pay more in rent than some make in a year's time. I have the luxury to at least have the option to have the argument with Husband about the heater. We want for little [nothing], that has little to do with saving money by keeping the heater at bay.

Instead of praying for the baby, maybe I should take a page from OR and pray for the parent that left her. But, what do I pray?

God, please don't send her straight to hell. Let her freeze to death first. Amen.
Nope- I don't think I want my name on that one. 

God, please let the police catch her and let there be swift judgement. Amen.
While probably getting warmer, I am still thinking that is not something that I need to pray for. What will happen will happen and judgement will come to everyone, if not on earth, than after this life.

God, I have yet to walk in her shoes- if she has shoes-  in her skin. LMC came home to a warm house in a nice car, and this parent that left her did not have those things for their baby. Was the towel she was wrapped in the only possession of the parent? Will you continue to guide me in raising a loving and caring daughter?  Also, if we can work on my compassion department for strangers and see that they are part of the picture, that would be great. Thanks, God. I'll see you Sunday. Amen.
Okay, maybe I can put my name on that. 

Maybe now I can talk about the funny things again.

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