Sunday, January 8, 2012

Being a better Catholic

I'm getting back to writing. It's not fair to those few out there who enjoy what I have to say that I "cheat" and post pictures just because there is an obsession with my fancy new camera.

But, it is really a cool camera. Behind the lens, I can take any moment and encapsulate it on my computer. Looking back, everything is there- the color, the shadows, the energy, the moment.

So, I digress.

This year is the first year that I have made a New Year's Resolution. And not only did I make one.... I made several. But, what is a resolution without sharing, putting yourself out there and making yourself accountable?


(1) I'm going to floss every day more often. These are my teeth and if the young me does not take care of them... the old me will be in dentures before I know it.

(2) I'm going to learn about my fancy camera and post a picture every day.

(3) We're going to church. Period.

#3 ain't so easy around these parts. Back in Georgia, LMC and I went religiously (no pun intended). Initially, we went in the afternoon, but eventually it was every Saturday morning with Fr. Mike. While not a vigil mass, it was pretty much all I could do with a wiggly, squirmy, squeaky baby as I flew solo.

Moving up here, I tried several times. Several different masses... and failing miserably, alone with a screaming child in my arms. At one point, we ended up in the Shaw District, behind Howard University attending mass in lunchroom chairs in an old auditorium of a forgotten Catholic school. Why? Because it was too expensive to run the air conditioner in the sanctuary. LMC would wiggle out of my arms and push the lunchroom chairs into each other saying, "BONK!" for her audience of 18, including the priest. It was about as unimpressive as imagined. This part of my life was tough. I gave up. Literally, I gave up. If there had a been nursery... if she were calmer... if I were more patient... if ... if... if... The devil weaves a long cloth with ifs.

She is a year older. I am a year older. We are both more used to this new world and enjoying our time together. Husband & I were remarried in the Catholic church. I am, finally, Confirmed. I joined the altar guild. Just to get my family to church? All the other parts were there.

Welcome, New Years. Welcome, 2012. Welcome back, Cagles.  It was a wonderful Sunday. The three of us walked into church together, the first time in a long time. LMC sat impressively quiet between us, asked to use the restroom, and returned to our pew without a peep. LMC & I walked up the aisle for Communion and walked to lunch afterwards.

I stumbled over the changes that were put in place on the first Sunday of Advent. But, we all stumble along the way. Some more than others. But, we all get better.

I'll keep you posted on the flossing.