Monday, December 5, 2011

Some Vacations...

Some vacations you just don't want to end.

This was one of them.

We had amazing food, amazing company with characters like Brother and Minnie Mouse, the sun and the deep blue sea- it was awesome. Enough good things cannot be said about how wonderful our trip was. We even upgraded to first class (just don't ask how much it cost) for our trip home.

I even had time to read a book and both my phone and email were completely unavailable from both work and pleasure.


Husband fished. LMC swam. Wife lingered on the deck and we slept with the salty sweet air in our lungs.

The cab ride home was even less expensive than normal.

ANNNDDDDDDDD..... then we got home. Before our flight, I was digging in the back of a bathroom cabinet underneath the sink.... and discovered a leak (and a moldy Kate Spade bag, ew). No worries, right? Our maintenance staff is both excellent and efficient.

Remember how I said that I had no access to phone or email?

Turns out when Andy came to fix the leak, there was a bigger problem than he had anticipated.

And the bathroom flooded.
And the closet.
And the bedroom.

Fortunate for us yet unfortunate for Andy- it was his wrench that wrenched out the loose nut and then the flood came.

There have been dehumidifiers in our bathroom, bedroom, and closet for five days now. F-I-V-E. Fortunately, we were out of town for four of them. Last night, we dropped our bags in the apartment and headed to the guest suite. We will be out at least a second night.

Yeah for renting... for a change?

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