Sunday, December 25, 2011


Ribbons go in her hair and are promptly plucked with her pudgy little finger. Unless you call them crowns, then there is a little chance that you can get away with just one...

Or, even two for that matter. Nope, she is definitely not in the "Less is more" category...

LMC went so far as to ask for "gwa-sses, Ma-Mee" and, thus, we have the pink ribbon around her eyes. Not to mention "Neck-wace, Ma-Mee. Neck-wace, pwease." Hence the purple around her neck (safe, I know)- not to be confused with the coordinating purple on her head. It's behind the red one.

She is a fan.

I am a fan, too. The explosion of giggles that erupted were too much for me to contain. Two year olds are like that-- they are too much to contain, sometimes in a good way... sometimes in a not-so-good way. Either way, they are wonderful tiny humans who put everything into the "more is more."

Suddenly, the ribbons were realized to be too much... I know, right? What was she thinking. So, she opted for "one crown, like Ma-Mee." (Did you think I could get away without a crown? Drats for being BEHIND the camera)

And then it was unwrapping my own precious present all over again- pink ribbon and all. Oh, I love my daughter- and daughters, in general.

What is the obsession with kids and putting Christmas stockings on their feet? I remember doing it. Dad has a patch on his stocking from when he did it as a "little fella" and put a hole in it. It's so cute and totally untaught.

Okay, that's it. I promise. No more blogs today. Probably not even any tomorrow either. As soon as Husband gets home with the car, LMC & I are out to see the crowds and the chaos.

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