Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Little Debutante

Way back in the day, I debbed in Augusta. Complete with the white dress and matching long gloves. Several years before debbing, I was in a Cotillion- different white dress. Same white gloves.

Debbing & Cotillions do not a person make, but they certainly add character and charm to one's personal resume. Recently, LMC & I have been working on her curtsy; a girl cannot learn too soon in my opinion. The right foot is extended behind the left while the front knee is bent to help balance the dipping body and lowering of the lady's face. Slowly, a gracious hand is extended. My cousin, Tara, taught me how to curtsey. She is the quintessential person to teach anyone how to make this ancient and feminine gesture . Her sister had the advice of "remember to take off your gloves before slugging back your long neck." Man, I love those girls.

So, I've been teaching LMC about poise and just to add a little panache, we say "Enchant√®...."  LMC's petite curtsy mostly involves kicking her right leg behind her and saying "ON-SHON-TAY" at the top of her lung's before running off again.

Today, while in the carseat, she kicked off her "Twell-Isss Princess shoes" and pulled off her socks before replacing said princess shoes and putting her socks where they belong- on her hands. Getting up to the apartment, she bowed and held her skirt while saying "On-shon-tay" to me.

Having a daughter is so cool.

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