Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's beginning to look...

and feel (finally)... a lot like Christmas around the Cagle household. 

Husband let Wife go a little wild on the Christmas tree this year... I think next year, which will be last year allowed at wacky Christmas trees, I am going to get one of those lime green tinsel numbers from Target and see what kind of damage I can do with it. 

So, I filled a large glass vase with ornaments (and foil balls, to help fill in the gaps- shh) and stuffed lighted tree branches and lime green swirlies in the top. This seemed too short, but LMC's table covered in white with a fuchsia polka dot tablecloth did the trick.

Our boxes and packages have all been lovingly wrapped by yours truly during nap time in craft paper with various color ribbons and sweet little tags left over from last year. 

It's tacky, there is no denying this fact- the tree, not the gifts. But, I love it. It's full of color and joy. LMC walks by it and says, "Ohhh, so pretty, Ma-Mee. So, so pretty."

What's not to love about craft paper at Christmas? Besides that fact that it costs about $4 for a million square feet, I can use it year round and it has a crispness that makes me smile. The ribbons and stickers are a little extravagant- but the gifts will be wrapped under the tree much longer than they will be unwrapped.

I might just pour myself a glass of eggnog come 5:30, patting myself on the back for a job well done. Our stockings are hung (still saying "Husband" and "Wife") on the kitchen hoosier cabinet and I am planning my Christmas feast for three.

LMC thinks it should involve chicken nuggets, Husband thinks beef tenderloin, and I am leaning towards shrimp creole. While I am the bread cooker, Husband is the bread winner- so his vote counts twice (too bad LMC's vote can only be interpreted by Wife, so it looks like we are at a stalemate. Chicken nuggets it is!)

Merry Christmas! And, already thinking ahead to the New Year-- I have my resolution. Well, two resolutions, really.

(1) I'm going to be better about flossing.
(2) I started a second and separate blog: ... I am either going to blog every day and/or take a picture and post it every day as to help me learn about this amazingly cool camera Husband & LMC gave me for my birthday that I am just not sure how to use. It will do you no good to go now, but after the new year... there will be one a day, every day, for 365 days.

Thoughts on O-A-D-2k12?

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