Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Don't worry, I won't bore you with ALL 1,479 photos- but wanted to send out some fun ones of my sweet family.

That's Ford, just hanging around. Andrew (not to be confused with AN-EW) is in the middle & LMC on the right

Only at Disney can your daughter go to "The Show" in her jambes and drink chocolate milk

And only at Disney, will they cut your child's food for you.

This tuxedo turns into......

Pirate gear when Husband is your father! ARGHHH, Matey!

SIL teaching Ford about photography

Brother shaking his tail feather for LMC

LMC shaking her tail feather for Brother

Tellis & LMC at "en garde" stance... sort of

14 takes and this is the closet thing we have to the three of them sitting together AND smiling

Brother & SIL

Watch out! Tellis is armed and ready.

Watching fireworks and eating ice cream-- makes for happy memories for any daddy's girl.

Front of the boat-- the wind had picked up just a little bit...

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