Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hail Mary of a Baby

I went to St. Mary's school growing up. We have all gone our separate ways as we tend to do. Thanks to Facebook, several of us have reconnected. About a month ago, our sixth grade teacher died from breast cancer. Mary Glenn, who just delivered a beautiful bouncing baby boy, sent out a message and within a week almost $500 was raised in the name of Mrs. Boblett & our appreciation for her.

Shannon got married. She lives up north and works for America's Test Kitchen-- this is me, very jealous.

Some are now lawyers. One is an eye doctor. A few have dropped off the face of the earth.

Charlie is a police officer- a dangerous place to be in Augusta as we have lost two officers in as many months. Stay safe, friend. We pray for your welfare often.

Several of us have had children.

One in particular is Holly.

Holly was always very shy. She was born on Christmas day & presented to her parents in a stocking. A STOCKING! How sweet is that? Her name- Holly, very appropriate. Holly and Amy were (and still are) the very best of friends. If you have any advice on how to maintain that kind of relationship for almost 30 years, I am all ears.

Holly had a baby out in Arizona. The little bitty thing came too early. Kathy, her mom, was on the next flight. After a month in the NICU and a few weeks closing doors, Kathy & Holly packed up her little home, her little Peyton and headed back to God's country where the love of her family, her church, and her friends could help in more ways than one.

Two days ago, it was discovered that Peyton has a tumor on her liver with prompt surgery today. She is not even six months old yet & is already on her second trip to the hospital.

My thoughts and my prayers are with them today. Count your blessings; I am counting mine. Say your prayers and toss one out there for the Hail Mary of a baby. She's a fighter. But, even the best of fighters can use a hand every once and a while.

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