Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thirsty Thursdays

It was Thursday and there was a home game. H-MGPQ & I were back. We paid our $8 to get in, grabbed $1 cups and headed to the top of Section 22 as there was a new prom committee meeting. The weekend was around the corner & there were plans to be made. 
It seems we were always making plans. 
John was there, poor guy, looking lost like a puppy without H-MGPQ. He really liked her and she really liked southern boys. After spending 4+ years in Michigan, she was ready to be back in God’s Country. Their relationship blossomed out of nothing and was surprising to everyone. She wanted a boyfriend like she wanted a heart attack, but she liked the attention and he liked her- so it worked, for the moment. 
The meeting called to order, someone excuses themselves to pick up a new round of $1 cups. The innings pass and people cheer. T-shirts are shot out of a gun and we are sweating with the heavy heat that comes every May, leaving every October. The seventh inning stretch rounds the corner and the meeting is concluded with a relocation specification to Somewhere. 
Somewhere in Augusta-- what a great name for a restaurant/bar. 
“Where are you going?” can easily and with a hint of cockiness be answered with “Somewhere.” As if to say- MYOdB.
Team Prom leaves the field and reconvenes in the backyard of Somewhere. Overhead twinkles light the area and the smell of fresh grass floats over the fence from across the way-- across the way being the Augusta National and fresh grass being code for sickly sweet smell of fertilized greens. These are the places we call ‘our backyard’ or ‘first dates.’ Girls that know nothing about golf are found with golf shoes & a visor one week out of the year. Boys secretly dream of playing The Course and contemplate if it is easier to go pro or become a member. We would learn later in life that going pro would be the answer.
John was with us and the rest of Team Prom were sitting around a wrought iron table laughing at something that alludes me at this moment. It was another great evening. John leaned over and said, “Hey- have you heard from Husband yet? He said he was going to call sometime this week I thought.”
“No, it’s cool though. I haven’t been waiting by the phone or anything.”
I pause. I am contemplating. Who am I kidding? I was full of false courage- there was no thinking to it. My purse appeared in my lap, my flip phone in my hands before I could think it through.
“Hey, John- what’s his number?”
H-MGPQ laughed and said, “Uh-oh, she’s got another in the crosshairs.”
I stick my tongue out at her like the 6 year old I feel like as the phone rings in my ear.
“Husband? Wife. We’re at Somewhere and someone just bought a fresh pitcher. See you in 20?”
My hands were shaking- who was this girl? Where did this false courage come from? Whatever. He could be fun to pal around with.
“20? There better still be a pitcher when I get there.”
“If not, it’s your turn to buy.”

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