Monday, November 28, 2011

The Story- Part II

No, this is not a continuation of the story of how Husband and Wife met, but rather a comment about it from me to you.

I love reading it. I've gone back through and reread it over and over- picking out my favorite parts, editing and enhancing before returning them to their spot in the story. I love it. The summers, the on-agains and off-agains, the worries, the reliefs- it's all there, and I still left so much out.

Everyone should write down the story of how your husband met your wife. In detail. It really is just wonderful to put it into words, to save and to share. Don't waste words with "we met at the library." There is no libretto there- no panache- no zip- it's boring!

There have been very few "How I Met..." stories in my life that are not just awesome. It makes me want to write more "HIM..." stories for your enjoyment and entertainment- but mostly for mine. I might start with Miranda. or LMC. or Shannon. or any other.

So, stay tuned. You could be next.

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