Wednesday, November 23, 2011

No Boxes!

Husband had several requests for tomorrow's Thanksgiving feast-- macaroni and cheese, deviled eggs, and corn were at the top of the list. After trying (and failing) to explain that those were Easter foods and not Thanksgiving foods, he mentioned his grandmother's banana pudding.

Now THAT I can get on board with!

A phone call to Miss Lucille left me without a recipe as she is sick and could not finish the ingredient list. Her coughs over the phone left me rattled and she promised to mail it to me.

So, here I am-- the day before Thanksgiving without a recipe in the mailbox. That's okay though, because I swiped my mother's "The Joy of Cooking" several years ago and it has every recipe imaginable. After much research, I spent $30 (yes, three-zero) on gluten free vanilla wafers (I'd only need $15 worth) and commenced with the my maiden voyage of banana pudding.

Ten minutes into the recipe does the chef finally realize that she is making homemade vanilla pudding- like, from scratch! No boxes! It was so easy, too! I did not even know it could be made without a box! Egg yolks, whole milk, cornstarch, sugar... I said it was good, I didn't say low fat. LMC was a little unimpressed with my whisking abilities until the vanilla goodness was in front of her.

"More rocket soup, puh-leaseeee Ma-Mee?" (it was the first please I got all morning)

The table is set.
Most of the food is cooked.
LMC's dress is ironed.
The house is clean.

We are ready to be thankful!

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