Thursday, November 10, 2011

Living Here.

I love living here. I love getting out of our 1056 square feet and stretching my legs in the city. It's fall here, and truly fall. We sleep with the windows open while listening to the trains on their tracks and bells dining their arrival. The skies are overcast with a heavy cold wind stirring up the ever changing leaves- DC is the first place to call home that truly has four seasons. Four lovely, best of all things, and totally different from the previous... seasons.

Today I dropped LMC off at school, saw a familiar face on the road and drove to a museum without the use of my GPS.  Parking was easily found on a narrow side street and an iPhone app paid the meter as my change purse was empty.

Walking the marble and tree lined streets, the crimson and flaxen leaves start to shower me as the wind picks up. My purse swinging by my side & a waft of someone making breakfast nearby caught my attention. Rounding two corners and stepping inside, there was shelter found from leaves and wind. Two quick hours later, my phone buzzes to acknowledge the ever present parking meter.

Leaving the museum, the parking officer  (who was not writing me a ticket, rather the car in front) & I exchange pleasantries and a high five before passing by the White House, under the Friendship Archway indicative of any chinatown, and rounding the Library of Congress before heading to Eastern Market where fresh Halibut, celery root, and sweet potatoes were purchased for tonight's dinner.

I parked a second time and a stroll on a brick sidewalk kicking the leaves and smiling at those passing. The lady at the veggie counter gave me a flower and the meat man gave me a discount.

It's a good day. It's a great day.

I'm not from around here & I don't make bones about it, but this place can really feel like home if you let it.

I have really come a long way.

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