Monday, November 14, 2011

Let's Wrap This Up.

John might have seen it.
John might have made it up.
Either way, John needed reinforcements within Team Prom. He was not going anywhere- the Mediatarian Goddess (AKA: Prom Queen) was way cool & he was way into her. So much so that he would travel half way around the world to find her in Greece to profess his undying love. True story.
The weekend was upon us. The glorious too warm to be inside and too cold to actually be in the pool weekend stretched out before us. Prom Queen was with John when I came by her pool that afternoon to make plans for the evening. A round of high fives and we start weighing our options.  As a lull in the conversation approaches, John finds a break and speaks up.
“Hey, Wife. I know someone who thinks you’re hot. He asked for your number, can I give it to him?”
“Uhhh... I’m not really wanting to date anyone. But, who is it?”
“SAE, Husband?”
“Moultire, Husband?”
“Uh, yeah, I guess... listen, do you want me to give him your number or would you just rather say I forgot?”
“oh... um... yeah... you can...”
I pause. Here I am, fearless about everything... except a relationship. Those always end poorly. I cannot do this. 
There are my sweaty fingers. Is it hot out here? 
MG-PQ laughs and says, “Come on, Wife? Seriously? Husband’s hot. How long are you going to tread water? How long?”
She was right, the worst that could happen is he’s not fun and we move on to the next.
“yeah... HELL YEAH... Yes.” [gaining some composure] “You can give him my number. Please. Thank you, John.”
“Ya sure?”
“She’s sure,” MG-PQ says and tosses a towel at me. I’m blushing.
Fast forward a few days. John & Husband are playing golf... or exercising... or drinking beer on the river... I’m not sure and it does not matter... but, the conversation breaks down something like this:
“Hey, you remember my girl, MG-PQ?”
“Yeah, she’s hot. We should start calling her Hot MGPQ.” (we would and still do)

“Well, she’s got a friend who thinks you’re cute.”
“No sh*t?”

“Yeah, you might remember her from Athens. She graduated a year ahead of us.”
“Who? I didn’t keep up with that class.”

“No, she was our year, just left early. It’s Maiden Wife.”
“Wife? No Sh*t. I thought she was with someone or married or something.”

“Nope. Yeah- listen, she wanted me to give you her number. I can tell her I forgot if you want.”
“Wife? Geez, she was always so much fun. Are you sure she’s single?”

“Yes. She asked me about you.”
“Yeah. Hell yeah. Yes. What’s her number?”

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