Sunday, November 27, 2011


It's been a good run at the last four days. Our Thanksgiving feast was awesome. My BFF brought her beau to town for us to meet-- he's awesome. They're awesome. There's a future there. Another South Georgia family joined us for supper last night & brought their own chef in the Captain's mother. Georgia won. And today, oh today. It's 75 degrees outside and lovely.

Just Lovely.

We slept in this morning- all of us- until after 8. Who does that?! Husband in the shower, I scoop LMC out of her bed and our day is off with a bang at a snail's pace. Husband and Wife sitting around the dinner table eating Thanksgiving leftovers for breakfast and strewing the newspaper across the floor and table as LMC giggled her way through Mickey Mouse.

Too beautiful to be inside, we dress in our snappy casualist gear & head to the mecca of Yuppy-Ville. Georgetown. While Capitol Hill might actually be Yuppy-Ville, our Vineyard Vines has to be purchased from somewhere. Two and a half hours later, LMC is half asleep on her daddy's shoulder with her mother holding fistfuls of large shopping bags, compliments of Husband.

Christmas was in the air as the sun shone down on the brick sidewalks with the last of the leaves falling off the trees.

A dirty diaper was the only thing that dampened the moment. And with the woes of potty training, that dirty diaper was not the worst thing that could have happened. Lunch at Martin's Tavern, a conversation about our future and our plans, we arrive at a toy story where she found a pink bike with pedals that she rode up and down the two aisles of the store. (No such thing as a department store here!)

It was a good day. It was a great Thanksgiving. It has been an amazing stay-cation. Cheers to the holidays! Cheers for family! Cheers for love- new love or six years and counting love. Husband heads back to the salt mine tomorrow for back breaking shifts and schedules, but it is days like this that we get to string together so rarely which remind me about the devotion to family and the wonderfulness that blossoms from it.

My gratitude to my husband, my daughter, my friends and family is overwhelming. Thank you.

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