Friday, November 18, 2011

The End

He came. After all the go-arounds and around-gos, he showed up and folded into Team Prom as if he had been there since the beginning.

John was speechless. It was okay though, H-MGPQ spoke for him.
About a month later, Husband would ask me on a date upon his return from being a camp counselor at Camp Rainbow- a place for children with cancer.
I would, very hesitantly, say yes.
He picked me up from my apartment, the white lilies he sent changing the air to that of a garden. I loved flowers and had forgotten that.
He opened the passenger door for me. I forgot how much I liked that, too.
He took me on the fanciest date ever. I had never eaten at the Bamboo Room and felt ten kinds of elegant with this handsome Husband.
He paid. He remember his wallet. He opened the door for me again. He told me to open his glove compartment. I did.
A folded piece of paper...
"Husband! Call me! It's your turn to buy! 555-4693 -Wife"


Anonymous said...

LOVE! :) -JR

Anonymous said...

Just read your blog for the first time in ages---I know, I am horrible, but you just wait till you have two kiddos:) That post brought a smile to my face! I remember you recounting it to us at Raes when we first moved here. Miss the happy couple, and hope to see you guys soon! --LHC

Family Snodgrass said...

Nah-uh! He really had the note???

The Cagles said...

He really had the note.

Carla Allen said...

I love this! He is the best guy! You all are so lucky to have found each other....

Life of Cagles should be a book - it would be a best seller!!!

Hugs to all!