Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Brave Big Brother as a Feverish First Filial

An-Ew is one of my all-time favorite kids. He really is. While not nearly as laid back as his brother, “John Jetcher,” he is out-going and very personable once he gets to know you.
JJ has known me since day 1 of his short adventure here on earth. Well, maybe not Day 1-- but no later than Day 33. An-Ew, well, I was a new comer to his little world & that’s okay. An-Ew and I are big buddies, but if Mama Bits leaves the room, An-Ew is at her heels, saying, “WAIT! Mommy! WAIT! I come, tooooooooooo!” leaving me, LMC, and JJ hanging out, eating chips and waiting for our duo to happily return. 
As for JJ, he actually hops out of his mom’s arms and into mine- which makes me so very happy. Of course, LMC will leap out of my arms, her stroller, or off a horse to get to Mama Bits for LMC to “kiss on da nooooooseeeeee. Right DERE!" then... "Ride in Mama Bits’ strower with John JETCHER!” An-Ew, well, sometimes I get a high five, and sometimes just a very polite nod from behind Mama Bits' leg. And, that’s okay, too- he’s a really cool kid & after about 10  minutes of hanging out, we are old pals- sometimes even walking with me to take the trash or get water- those are big moments in the bonding between An-Ew & Wife.
I have taught him about Oobleck (corn starch + water = big messes & big fun) and he has taught me about “da bery big giant in da corner over hereeeee.”
We’re buddies. As long as Mama Bits is around, we are big buddies. He is shy, and it is very charming. The ladies are going to love it.
Mama Bits has been a life saver & life preserver up here, showing me the ropes & letting me know time and time again that I am not crazy and yes smocked dresses are precious on little girls. She was my MOH at the Cagles Wedding Part II & my Catholic sponsor (St. Jude- patron saint of lost causes is my saint). She offered to keep LMC on my birthday so I could celebrate turning 30 in style-- a pedicure and an exercise class (which was ALL I had been wanting to do since moving five months prior) and is one of the few people that I truly believe knows what it is like to have a husband who works All The Time.
Her Husband is a patent lawyer. Now, the only patents I know about go on my feet, but her husband “Mister” is an extremely smart lawyer who does some pretty hefty lifting at the office. The laws that rule ideas- not a 9-5 kind of place to practice. He works nights. He works weekends. He works. He works as much, if not more, than Husband. It’s impressive- both on his end & Mama Bits’!
It’s a wonder she had time to get pregnant with their third. 
Okay, so what does this all I have to do with the Life Of Cagle? Poor JJ- he just started walking about two months ago. He is short. He is still walking a little like a drunken sailor. Right now, he looks a little beaten up having fallen more times than not.
Earlier this week, a date was made for An-Ew & LMC with Mama Bits, Wife, & JJ tagging along. She warned of a fever, and I laughed it off, “Husband brings home all kinds of germs to our house. It’s always better when we’re together! Come on over!” Lunches packed and a quick trip to our 1056 square feet found the fellow homemaker with her children at our door. 
“Y'all kiss the puppy and go inside,” I always say.
LMC kisses and walks inside the door.
An-Ew kisses and walks inside the door.
JJ kisses and walks inside, before deciding Uga needed one more kiss...
Bad idea.
He turned, toppled, and bit it square on his forehead where a previous cut and bruise were still fresh. 

I scoop. I run. 

He is deposited with Mama Bits who barely had her coat off. Peeling him off my shoulder and onto hers, we see a golf ball size whelp which had formed in the 10 seconds it took getting him from Point A to Point B. It was purple and growing. It looked awful.
We freak, like little girl seeing a big bug kind of freak. I call Husband... he is, after all a pediatrician training for intensive care... and he said, among other things, if he yaks- bring him in, otherwise, cold compress & time.
Well, he yakked. And off to the ER mother and son go. 
An-Ew was a very brave big brother, because I knew if he had his choice- he would be on an adventure to where Dr. Husband works (much like the adventure when An-Ew hopped on the elevator and the door closed... without an adult. Dr. Husband found him in the lobby). He cried when Mom & Brother left, but quickly rallied with his head on my shoulder. LMC was jumping out of her skin she was so excited that he was staying. He looked at us warily and politely asked for some Mickey Mouse.
A nap, a snack, and a few races in the hall later- he is tuckered and being so, so very brave. He wanted to cry, but didn’t. All he really wanted to do was sleep. 
What we did not know and what we should have known, was the fever was indicative of Mouth, Hand, and Foot virus. 
Oops. My bad.
He was not sweating during his nap because he was wrapped up in fleece and down in our bed, he was sweating because his fever was breaking. 
Double Oops. That would be totally my bad.
The poor guy didn’t feel well! felt like a wet puppy on a cold day with blisters on his paws and not a speck of edible food in sight.
After a CT scan, 6.5 hours at the ER, and two taxi rides for Mister to scoop up the feverish first born.... An-Ew, Mama Bits, and JJ are in quarantine until HFM goes away. 
LMC keeps asking, “What An-ew doing? What Mama Bits doing? What John Jetcher doing?”
“Honey, they’re probably wanting to climb out of their skin right now.”
“Ohhh... kiss An-Ew? Fell bedder?”
“Soon, honey.”

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