Wednesday, October 12, 2011

WOW, that feels so much better!

Greetings from the former meet-the-newest-cagle (who is now almost 2 point 5) and the current Life-Of-Cagle, a total pull from Life of Pi.

So, let's start fresh.


I'm your hostess to this story, known fondly by my dashing husband as Wife. Yep, that's my nickname and I love it so much it is embroidered on my Christmas stocking (that Husband forgot to stock last year, but that's a different story).

Husband is around a little bit- not as much as I would like, but he is a pediatrician doing an ICU fellowship. Last week, he worked 112 hours (let's think about this... there are, what, like 140 hours in a week, right?). Like I said, for the first year of LMC's life, we called him the Curly Headed Man. Curly Headed Man is not embroidered on his stocking; Husband is.

Which brings me to LMC- the star, the future debutante, and current two year old light of happy things little girl. It's a lot of adjectives, but the point is- Little Miss Cagle is some kind of wonderful and we are some kind of lucky to have her. LMC has a tiny stocking- it can fit in the palm of your hand with no embroidered nickname, but a whole lot of fluff around the top. It's precious.

Husband is from Moultrie- a pin dot in the southern part of Georgia. Southern-Southern. Moultrie still has a town square and a Christmas festival with lights strung over the streets the whole way downtown. Picture "A Christmas Story" and you're getting close. The stores stay open late and serve hot cider on the evening of Thanksgiving, some with a little more kick than others. Husband's father-- FIL-- goes to Miss Judy's and buys MIL (mother in law) a Christmas present. Every Christmas since their first. Husband is one of five and 4 out 5 in the pecking order. All five are married and there are nine nieces and nephews. Eighty Seven if you count dogs. I don't.

Wife is from Augusta and I love being from Augusta. Among other things, the world gets a snapshot into my humble home one week out of the year. My daughter plays with practice golf balls from the Augusta National and patchwork madris has a way of finding my closet. Maybe the seersucker screams for companionship. Green is my favorite color- but pink seems to coming up a strong second. Something I swore to avenge with all the pink my mom put me in as a child. LMC won't hate pink, not because she does not have a closet full, but because she is way more laid back that I am- she gets that from Husband.

I'm Catholic. I love being Catholic. Husband and I were married in the Presbyterian church by his hometown minister and I would not trade that for the world. Recently, we had our marriage blessed in the Catholic church in, quite possibly, the fastest ceremony ever. It was 109 degrees in the church, our children were antsy in their Sunday best, and LMC had to have a diaper change in the vestry before we got started.

"So this is why you have children after you get married, hunh, Father?" I commented as wipes were being tossed and diapers replaced with world record speed and efficiency. Please, if I can change a diaper at Trusty's Bar- surely I can change one at the church.

The priest was sweating, the babies squirming, but Husband and Wife were grinning ear to ear. We were married and in love all over again. Everyone should renew their vows.

A reception of cheap champagne, beer, and wine with our favorite couple- who stood in as matron of honor and best man with the babies in the back of the dark bar. It might have been the Hawk & Dove- it might have been a front for the Mexican drug cartell. Didn't care- we were where we wanted to be, babies, friends, wine, and conversation. As newlyweds.

We live in DC and are almost half way through our big city adventure. Our lives have been lived three years at a time. College, medical school, residency, fellowship- almost 15 years of getting to an "end" which is supposed to be a "beginning" but we like to refer to it as a "goal." Our apartment is teeny tiny- 1056 square feet. My first house was bigger than that. Hell, our master bedroom in our last house was only 156 square feet smaller. My SIL (Sister in Law) has some pretty fabulous antiques, chairs, and furniture on loan to her until we wind up this 1,056 square foot adventure. I miss my fine china, pantry shelves from William-Sonoma, and LMC's window treatments. In that order.

Husband collects wife Le Creuset pots and pans. My SIL (same one who has our furniture) once told Husband that he should never give a gift that has a handle. Once, she got a vacuum from a future ex-boyfriend. Gotta agree with that thinkin'. So, the Le Creuset are "I love you" presents, as long as I continue to cook.

We make the best of our small space by living big, loving big, and dreaming big. I'll close for now. LMC is stirring from her nap & Husband will be home any minute.

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