Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Taking me back causes me to move forward

Until yesterday, the irony that my costume was dubbed "My Future" when Husband and Wife met escaped me.

So, where were we? Right.... right... right... we were at the bar with the infamous Discover card.

I knew his name was Husband.
I knew he was an SAE pledge.
I knew I had a date night coming up & no idea how to ask a boy I didn't know out on a date.

(I'd learn, but it would take a while. I would learn a lot about the male persuasion, actually. Eventually, I would have to go on 865 other first dates before Husband.)

Two days later- those are the rules for the boys, right?- Two days later, the Stalker Guide (AKA the Greek Directory) was in my lap. Leafing through the fraternities until SAE and browsing the long list until the first Husband with the first 357 prefix of a phone number.

He was a freshman so he could be in the dorms.  It was a gamble- but you can't win if you don't play.


My fingers start sweating. I swallow. It's a big school- how hard could this be? He says no- I never have to see him again.


Who am I kidding? I will just call an old high school friend and take them. I've been in Athens for two months. This is ridicu--

Them: Hello?
Me: Hi. This is Wife. Is Husband there?

Them: Which one?
Me: Hunh? Oh, well the one that's an SAE pledge.

Them: Which one?
Me: Um, the one's that from Moultrie.

Them: Which one?
Me: Oh uh, the one that's left handed.

Them: Which one?
Me: The one that wears glasses

Them: Which one?
Me: The one that has a little sister

Them: Which one?
Me: The one that... forget it. I don't want ask you out on a date anyway.

Me: Click.

Like I said- we met when we were freshmen. Not the end. Not by a long shot.

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