Saturday, October 1, 2011

Potty Training... a work in progress

When LMC crosses her legs and starts squirming, it's a sure sign that she is avoiding gardening.

Mama: LMC, let's go to the potty.
Mama: Okay, come on- let's get dots (M&Ms) and toys. Let's [plant a daisy].
LMC: noooo..... T-T-potty!
Mama: Whatever, let's just GO!

We scoop. We run. We celebrate.

Today, well, not to get into specifics, all three Cagles were home and LMC's bathroom was occupied. LMC's legs were crossed and was refusing to garden. 

Mama: Come one, LMC- let's go sit on Mommy's potty! Let's go!

We scoop. We run. We sit. We wait.
And wait.
And wait.
And wait.

The smallest daisy was procured with a gleeful "I DEED IT! Mommy! Look! I deed it!"

Mama: You did, Baby. Do you have to go any more?
LMC: I go t-t-potty.

Mama: Okay, let's go T-T-Potty.
LMC: Make water? Mommy, make water?

Mama: Go ahead; make water.
LMC: All done, Mommy.

Mama: Okay, let's go knock on the door and tell Daddy what you did. 

No diaper (foolish), she hops out of her garden and runs down the hall calling, "Da-Dee!" the whole way. 

Mama: Tell Da-Dee what you did while I round up aforementioned dots.
LMC: "Da-Dee, I [planted a daisy]!" .... a pause.... "Uh-Oh, it happens."

Mama & Da-Dee in unison (one of us from behind the door): What happens, Baby?
LMC: Look, Mommy, I make water. ONEEEEEE dot!

Oh dear.... yes, yes you did. Good thing I just bought some Lysol.

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