Monday, October 17, 2011

Going to Athens takes me back

Husband met Wife at the SAE/KKG Halloween social in 1999. I was wearing my prom dress from the year before -- renamed as a costume, “Jenny- the druggy years.” It was a short silver dress with hologram checks. Silver hose, lots o’ body glitter, and iridescent shoes completed the outfit. 
It was bright. 
It was sassy. 
It was so very tacky. 
When asked what I was (as the other sorority sisters opted for “Hooters” and the Playboy bunnies), it ranged from “Jenny” to “a ray of light”, to “my future”... among other things. 
Sweet Husband was a pledge. He was dressed as Richard Simons. By his choice...
Husband’s roommate was also a pledge. He was a roller derby queen, complete with the roller skates. Again, his choice...
Wife was dancing with Roommate at One Love (which, when my inlaws would receive Husband’s credit card bill, my FIL would call him to say that his mother is crying- thinking Husband used the card at a brothel. What an advanced society we live in- a brothel that takes Discover.), complete with his skates. Super T was playing. It was ten kinds of awesome. 
Roller Skating Derby Queen was not a bad dancer - considering he had skates. So, I should not have been shocked when he spun me, his skates would come out from underneath him, and we would topple into a wall of kegs. Literally. One Love had kegs stacked on kegs stacked on kegs on the far left end by the stage. 
As the kegs came tumbling down, Richard Simons pounced into action. Helping “My Future” (as I was at the moment) first up from the kegs, Mr. Simons asked “My Future” if he could buy her a shot.
“I’m sorry, I don’t take shots. You can, however, buy me a beer.”
Up to the bar, the infamous Discover card laid down.
Think that’s the end of the story? 
Not by a long shot.

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BettieBoyd said...

Gripping meet-tipsy memoir!! Better even than Pioneer Woman!!!