Monday, October 24, 2011

A Fallen Officer

Recently, Augusta lost a police officer. His funeral is today and while I did not know the man- I know what he stood for, what he protected us from, and what his calling was.

An excerpt from today's newspaper:

“It’s a dangerous business we’re in,” Grossman said. “We come out here and work every day dealing with people that are dangerous, on drugs, on alcohol, mentally unstable, but we do it because we’re the protectors. (Paugh) was a protector.”
Grossman looked out at the crowd, digging his hands in his pocket, and tried to find the words to describe his friend.
“Do you know what ‘cop’ means? It means Champions of the People. That’s what he was.”

May the Lord protect those who protect us and may J.D. be resting in peace in a better place. Thank you for people like him.

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