Wednesday, October 5, 2011

a conversation relayed that is being re-relayed

Yesterday, An-Ew's mom helped me out and let LMC nap at her house. Simple task, right?

It was almost too good to be true.

Up the stairs and through the door, An-Ew & LMC holding hands and hopping, each trying to out-hop the other. As nap time quickly neared, Bits (as LMC calls her, which I think is adorable) scooped up the princess to place her in JJ's crib.

NONONONONONONONONONO.... as LMC shuttered in fear, practically crawling up Bits' arm to her shoulder, you know... like a parrot.

LMC: An-ew's bed? Look, An-Ew's bed. I sleep An-Ew's bed.
Bits: Sure, why not?

Tucked toe to toe, she closed the door and thought, "Three? This is a piece of cake."

After about 30 minutes she started hearing this:

Hi An-Ew!
Hi Leen!

a pause....

An-Ew: Wake?
LMC: Wake!
LMC: Wake?
An-Ew: Wake!
LMC: Cool beans

a longer pause....

An-Ew wake?
An-ew wake.
Leen wake?
Leen wake.
Hi An-Ew.
Hi Leen.

a new pause...

An-Ew bed.
My bed!
Yeah, An-Ew's bed. Leen sweep An-Ew's bed.
Leen's bed!
NO! An-Ew's bed! An-Ew sweep An-Ew's bed.
NO! Leen's bed! MINE!

((oh dear... so much for this being a breeze and my assurance that LMC is such a great sleeper, she'd go right down))

Quietly, Bits opens the door and in that very soft spoken Alabama drawl she said something to the effect of- no naps? okay, let's go play quietly.

And off they went, to let JJ continue his nap in peace.

They're so cute. I'm so in love.


BettieBoyd said...

How I wish I'd been there to see all of them!---An-ew's granny

Family Snodgrass said...

She's welcome any time!

Family Snodgrass said...

She's welcome any time!