Sunday, October 23, 2011

Bad Intel

This next part is much shorter, as it comes from what Husband told me years later about The Note. 
Husband got out of his biology class early that April day and saw The Note. He read it, smiled (I added the smile) and headed back to the fraternity house to call me. He had no Nokia. Frank was there and K.C. was cooking lunch. 
The conversation broke down something like this: 
Hey, Frank. You know Brother, right?
Yeah- live with him. 
Cool, I was going to call Wife and see if she wanted to get together tonight. Ya know anything about her?
Wife? I think she’s dating someone
Really? She left me a note on my car to call her today. 
That’s really shady- yeah, I’m sure she’s dating someone and they are pretty serious, too. She took him to the Masters the other day. Brother hasn’t met him yet, but heard he was a real [insert a handheld device a mechanic would use].
Hunh, really?
Uh-okay, never mind. 
And that.... was that. For now.