Tuesday, September 20, 2011

So easy, a monkey could do it.

So... we got the glass for the mirror. How hard could it be? The directions were so clear, there were no words-- just pictures. 

My interpretation was as follows:

Step 1: use a chisel to remove broken glass
Step 2: spray with rubbing alcohol
Step 3: place mirror in frame
Step 4: Reattach

What it should have said:

Step 1: Throw the damn thing out the window
Step 2: Wait for a truck to run over it
Step 3: Know that it would take less time and produce better results than Step 1 of the aforementioned instructions.

Based on this information, Husband & Wife fish around our tool cabinet to remove needle nose pliers, a flat head screwdriver, and a pair of vice grips. Shards in the air, hit the wind and were gone. Tiny little fragments reflecting the sun were not called successes, but rather, a large fail. Creativity striking us in the early afternoon, we step outside the box.

Tossing the tools aside, the bathroom cabinet holds the professional jewelry steamer. 8 ounces of water and a button on the top create a PSHEW of blazing hot steam. After burning husband's fingers more than once, he finally relents to using my lime green with pink polka dot ruffled kitchen gloves. Not exaggerating. They even have bows. Husband in the gloves, wife pressing the button for the PSHEW of wet heat. One-eighth of a half an inch by slow one-eighth of half inch, we make very slow progress. 

Chevrolet should market this glue for straying husbands and hanging chandeliers. 

Finally, half an inch and forty five minutes later,  the LED lights could come out and we were at a loss. The college educated wife and the medical degree husband figured there was just glass and plastic now, so it would make perfect sense to place our mirror and casing in boiling water to loosen the glue.

Don't start- just. don't start.

Husband said, "Do you think this will work?"
Wife replied, "It will either work or it will morph."

For sale: one mirror casing fit for any Who in Who-Ville.


Family Snodgrass said...

Oh, no! Now what are you gonna do???

Lisa said...

Maybe you should have gotten a monkey to do it ;)

Anonymous said...

What on earth were you trying to DO? --nb

Anonymous said...

I just wish i had been there to watch this, reading it was funny enough but watching it unfold would have been just way too funny..