Thursday, September 8, 2011

I've been accused...

Of talking too fast. By my grandfather, "Sugah, just slow down. You're talkin' too damn fast."

I've been accused of not having a Southern accent-- mostly due to my talking too fast.

I have, for the most part, always made myself clear.

LMC and I were at a pre-pre-school play date last week to meet the fellow moms and babes. The moms were discussing Halloween costumes and I made the comment, "Last year, I saw a bride and it gave me the willies."

Deadpan. Nothing. Usually, that comment gets a "Oh, that's weird!" Not this crowd.

A mom said, "You mean like Pitt?"

Me: Hunh? Oh, no.

A different mom said, "How'd they dress up? In silver with a big top?"

A totally different mom said, "A what?"

Me: A bride. It was creepy-- and not like Frankstein's either, like a straight up, normal, bride.

Them: A what?

Me: A bride. You know, white dress, veil, flowers...

Them: OH! A bride. I [we] thought you said BRAD.

It appears that I am not from around here.